"You met a duck. Hahaha! That's very funny. Ha ha ha!"
— Gordon

Duck and Dilly
Season 2, Episode 7
Air date April 8th, 2014
Written by DonaldDouglasandOliver11
Directed by DonaldDouglasandOliver11
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Duck and Dilly is the seventh episode of the second season.


Montague is a little green tank engine. But people called him Duck because of his known waddle. One morning, Duck was puffing happily along his branch line passing the seaside, he saw children having lots of fun. This is the kind of fun Duck liked. He was approaching Tidmouth Hault. Suddenly, he saw a duck on the line "Oh great." complained Duck "It's a duck." his driver looked out of the cab "It's not just any sort of duck. That's Dilly." "Do you mean Donald's Duck?" asked Duck "Yes." said his driver. Dilly looked up at Duck and quacked at him "Hello Dilly." said Duck. Dilly quacked again "Could you please move off the track?" asked Duck, but Dilly didn't move "*sigh* This is just great. Now I'll be late for Gordon's train." "Cheer up Duck." said his driver "I'm sure she'll move. Duck's driver and fireman tried to shoo her off the track. First this way, and then that way. They tried their best but she wouldn't move "We can't move her by ourselves." said the fireman "We'll have to find a way someone." said the driver, then Duck had an idea "I know. Why don't we puff closer towards her." "But we can't hurt her." said the driver "No I mean puff more closely to her and she might think that I'm going to hurt her so she'll move." "Let's give it a try then shall way." said the driver. So Duck moved closer towards her, but she still wouldn't move "More closer." called Duck to his driver "OK." Duck moved more closer and then Dilly flied away "We did it." cheered Duck "We did it." "Now we must get to the station quickly." said the driver, but Duck didn't notice that Dilly came back. She flied onto the top of his boiler and secretly jumped into his tank and Duck puffed away.

Meanwhile at Knapford station, Gordon was waiting impatiently "Where is that quacking tank engine?" he thought to himself "I'm sure he'll be here soon." said his driver "I'm here." Duck puffed into the station "And about time!" snorted Gordon "I had to wait here for twenty minutes just for you to arrive." "Well, Dilly was on the line at Tidmouth Hault and she wouldn't move. So I puffed more closer to her and then she flew away." "Who is Dilly?" asked Gordon "She's a duck." said Duck. Gordon started to laugh "You met a duck. Hahaha! That's very funny. Ha ha ha!" Duck just rolled his eyes, and he puffed away, while Gordon was still chuckling.

That night, Duck backed into Tidmouth Sheds, he saw Gordon still laughing his buffers off. "What's so funny Gordon?" asked James "Duck met a duck at Tidmouth Hault." he said. This made James chuckle too. "Really." he said "Hahaha!" Gordon and James started laughing. Suddenly, a quacking noise could be heard from inside Duck's tank "Quack!", Gordon and James paused for a moment and when they heard the quacking noise. They were laughing their buffers off so much that they could hardly talk." "Where did that quacking noise come from." asked Bear "I don't know." said Duck and he heard the quacking sound again. "It sounds like it's comin' from ye." said Donald, so Duck's driver opened the tank only to find Dilly sat down in the tank. His driver and fireman started laughing "Why are you laughing too?" asked Duck "Dilly is in your tank Duck." chuckled his driver. Duck was speechless "Really?" "Yes. Look" Duck's driver lifted Dilly out of the tank and Duck gasped "But... How did she get into my tank?" asked Duck "Hey Dilly, how are ye?" chuckled Donald "Quack" quacked Dilly "Look James! It's a duck." "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Henry had, had enough of hearing Gordon and James laughing "Can you please stop laughing?" he said "I'm trying to sleep." so Gordon and James tried not to laugh but they just couldn't help it. Henry rolled his eyes. "Why is it that just because Duck met Dilly at Tidmouth Hault. How can that be so funny?" asked Bear. "I don't know." said Emily "It doesn't even sound funny anyway." said Geoffrey "A agree." said Donald "Now listen up," ordered Duck, "You've all had dumb moments. Gordon, you derailed yourself on that old branch line!" "Wasn't my fault," huffed Gordon, "It's that blasted signalman, I tell you." "Well, what about you James, when you got yourself covered in fish?" "Huh! You're just trying to avoid your own problems," sneered James. Duck was furious.

The next morning, he chuffed sadly into Arlesburgh Junction. Bert and Jock could see Duck's frown "What's up Duck?" asked Bert "It's those big engines." he said "There laughing at me just because I met Dilly the duck at Tidmouth Hault." he explained "How that's funny anyway?" asked Rex as he stopped nearby with a passenger train "I don't know." said Duck "And then they started laughing even more when Dilly was in my tank." "How can a duck fit into a tank?" asked Jock "That is so confusing." "I think it happened at Tidmouth Hault, but I'm not sure." Soon, the guard blew his whistle and Duck chuffed sadly away. Rex looked worriedly to Bert and Jock "Do you think things will go well soon?" "Search me," muttered Jock.

Duck was still upset when he arrived at Haultraugh, where Douglas was with some passengers. Douglas looked at Duck and chuckled "Hello, Duck. Ye look a bit doon." Duck sighed "It's those big engines." he said "Dilly the duck was in my tank." "Are ye talkin' aboot Donal's duck?" asked Douglas "Yes." said Duck "I met her at Tidmouth Hault, and she might have jumped into my tank when I was there." he said "How will I get them to shut up?" he thought. Douglas thought really carefully. Then he had an idea "Weel, here's my advice. Why don't ya remind them of their accidents?" suggested Douglas, "That works for me." "That didn't really work for me," Duck countered, "They just avoided the accusations entirely." Douglas frowned. "Seems to me ye're not being direct enough to 'em then. Tell 'em to stop being bullies." "I did that too..." Douglas blinked. "Seriously?" "Unfortunately yes. There's not much else I can do besides take it, which isn't really a good idea," said Duck. "Hmm... I'll get back to ye if I think of anything. Bye Duck!" Duck groaned as Douglas started to puff away. "Well, that was no help." "I heard that!"

At Bluff's Cove, Oliver's passengers were disembarking as Douglas puffed alongside. The Scottish twin sighed. "Alas, poor Duck..." "What's wrong with him exactly?" asked Oliver. "Aye, 'fraid Gordon and James are messing with 'im. Can't stay to explain though. Got to get this to Tidmouth." As Douglas puffed away, Oliver frowned, deep in thought. "Oh no..."

That night. Duck puffed sadly to his branch line shed. Oliver looked over at Duck, knowing what was up. "What's the matter, Duck?" Those big engines tough on you?" he asked knowingly. Duck was surprised to find that Oliver was completely on the money. "Well... yes, exactly. How... did you know?" "Douglas told me about it," Oliver explained. "Oh... Ugh, sometimes they're just so immature. But it seems I can't deal with them like I used to. It makes me angry just to think about it. I want to push back, not I'm not sure how." "Come to think of it, I think I have an idea..." "Really?" "Sure, but I can't do it until tomorrow. Until then, let's just get some sleep." "Oh, alright..." The two engines went to sleep, one confident, the other... not so much. The next morning, Oliver opened his eyes and glanced at Duck, who was snoring. Oliver grinned and left the shed, to speak with the Fat Controller. At Knapford, the Fat Controller was eating a cinnamon bun as Oliver puffed up. "Excuse me, sir?" "Oh, uh, yes Oliver?" "I'd like to bring something to your attention, sir." "Hmm... Then by all means, Oliver. Do tell." "Well, sir..."

Later, Duck was puffing along his branch line to Arlesburgh Harbour, so he could collect some tourists. Duck sighed as he rounded a corner, gasping as he suddenly noticed a flood on the track. "Driver, stop!" Duck gasped in horror. "What is it this time?" the driver asked. "A flood!" "A flood?!" The driver put on the brakes, but Duck just had his wheels oiled and they couldn't stop. "Helllp!" Duck wailed. The big engine splashed into the water. Luckily, nothing serious happened, but Duck's fire had gone out, and he couldn't move. A family of ducks were swimming there. Duck noticed this and gulped. "Uh oh..." The mother looked at Duck and flew up onto his boiler. It sat on it and started to peck at him. "Ow, ow, ow! Ow! ...ow." Duck's driver sighed and got out of the cab. He called for help, while the passengers shooed away the ducks. The mother quacked crossly and flew away. Her ducklings blinked and started to follow. "Thank goodness..." sighed Duck. On the phone, the driver was talking into it. "I'm afraid we only have Oliver to rescue him," said the yardmaster. "How long will that be?" asked the driver. "About a half hour or so, perhaps." suggested the yardmaster. Duck's driver nodded. "Alright, I'll tell him." The driver hung up and looked at Duck. "Well?" "Erm, Oliver's coming to get you back onto dry ground." Duck groaned. "...oh... yay."

At Tidmouth Yard, Oliver was shunting Toad into a siding. "And where are you off to, Mr. Oliver?" asked Toad curiously. "Oh, just getting some coaches for my next train, Toad. Nothing too special." The yardmaster ran up to Oliver, making the tank engine confused. "What's wrong, yardmaster?" "I'm afraid to say this, but Duck's stuck in another flood. You'll have to pull him out." Oliver grinned. "Heh heh, well, isn't this surprising? Apparently now I'm doing a rescue operation, Toad!" "Well, best do it quickly, Mr. Oliver," cautioned Toad. "Oh, uh, yes Toad." Oliver whistled and rushed out of the yard to the rescue.

Back at the flood., Duck sighed to himself. "Oh, will I ever get out of here...?" Oliver's whistle blew, catching the Pannier tank off guard. "Oliver?" When Oliver finally did see Duck, he couldn't help but burst into laughter. "Oh, no. Not again!" Duck blushed furiously as Oliver's driver attached a chain between him and Duck. "I, uh, had an accident. I fell into a flood." Oliver chuckled "I can see that. Going for a swim, eh? Leave that to real ducks. Let's get you out of here before you rust." Duck was a bit ambivalent; he wanted to be cross, but he knew Oliver could just leave him, so in the end, he didn't mind the jab. Oliver pulled Duck and his coaches back on the rails, out of the flood. Duck was quite grateful as the fireman started to refuel his fire. "Thank you, Oliver," he said thankfully, "Ugh, those big engines will tease me for sure though." "Oh no, they won't!" Oliver smiled. Duck was rather confused; it wasn't like their attitudes could change overnight. "What?" "Oh yes. I talked to the Fat Controller, and he's talked to them. They won't tease you again for a long while, Duck." beamed Oliver. Duck was beyond delighted at this news. "Oh, thank you Oliver! I can't thank you enough!" "Well, us Great Western engines have got to stick together," Oliver chuckled. "Yes, which reminds me: We better alert the signalman about that flood," Duck decided. "Good idea." Oliver backed up to a different line as Duck puffed past. Eventually, Duck reached a signalbox and whistled to get the signalman's attention. Inside, the signalman perked up and opened up the window. He was surprised to find Duck sitting there, idle on the line. "What's up, Duck? You're supposed to be at the next station by now, surely," said the signalman." "Yes, but I got stuck in a flood down the line, and I'm worried someone else will too," replied Duck, "Can you switch the points so nobody else's fire gets put out?"

Before the signalman could act, Douglas' whistle was heard, making Duck and Oliver cry out in horror. "It's Douglas!" shrilled Oliver. And it was. Douglas was taking a slow goods train to Crosby, but he and his crew blissfully unaware of the danger ahead. Duck looked back, then looked back up at the signalman. "Hurry, before Douglas gets here!" Duck cried. The signalman, sensing the situation was urgent, nodded.. "Right away!" He pulled a lever, changing the points. Down the line, Douglas could see the flood ahead. Douglas gasped. "Och, a flood's up ahead! Stop!" The Scottish engine braked as hard as he could, but he couldn't avoid the flood in time. He shut his eyes tightly. Just as the situation seemed hopeless, Douglas' wheels swerved onto a siding. Douglas' eyes popped open in confusion. "What the?" Duck and Oliver looked on in horror as Douglas biffed into some buffers, causing his trucks to biff into him. "Oooh... Bust me buffers... What happened?" "You nearly fell into a flood; your fire could've been put out!" said Duck. Douglas was shocked. "Och na! Mah goods would've bin severely delayed! Thank ye Duck, fur making me oan time." Duck smiled. "Oh, it was nothing, Douglas." "I'd definitely say it was something. Those big engines have no excuse to pick on you now!" Oliver grinned. Duck felt very proud indeed.

That night, at Tidmouth Sheds, the engines were curious as to why Douglas was so late. "What happened to you, Douglas?" asked Bear worriedly. Douglas smiled wryly. "Aye, nae muckle, thanks tae Duck." Gordon and James scoffed. "Huh! What did that quacker do that was so heroic?" James said crossly. "It's probably just a hoax," Gordon snickered. Emily glared at the two big engines. "You two have been nothing but rude to Duck! Just let Douglas explain!" she said harshly. "Weel, 'parntly there wis a flood alang th' branch line. Ah would've splashed intae it, making mah fire go oot, if it weren't fur Duck alerting th' signalman," explained Douglas. The engines were very surprised indeed. "Amazing!" said Bear "Impressive!" said Henry "Very reliable." finished Geoffrey. Gordon suddenly realised something. "Wait a minute, how can you prove such an ordeal?" "...hey, that's right! No photographs, video... Nothing!" agreed James. Douglas was beyond furious now. "Seriously? Ye expect mah driver tae photie something lik' this?" "Perhaps..." snorted Gordon. "Ah thought ye ken me weel enough tae ken ah dinnae lie!" Douglas fumed. Gordon and James sniffed. "We still don't buy it..." Gordon scoffed. "Ugh, your cynicism is getting on my nerves..." grumbled Bear "Mine as well...," said Emily gruffly "Mine too...," sighed Geoffrey "You shouldn't lacerate him so much." "I can confirm it." The engines looked to Oliver as he backed into another berth. Gordon squinted and rose an eyebrow. "Oh really?" "It's true, I saw the whole thing. Two witnesses is enough to confirm something," responded Oliver. "Oh... I suppose it is..." Gordon spluttered. Duck's whistle rang out as the big tank engine backed into the final berth. "Well, well, well. Duck, you are a hero! You saved Douglas!" cried Bear. "It's all part of doing it the Great Western Way..." Duck said proudly. Emily smirked to Gordon. "Think you can give him an apology now, Gordon?" "Oh yes, that's right. The Fat Controller said you two were supposed to give Duck an apology," Oliver said smugly. Duck grinned as the big engines faltered over the demand. "Personally I wouldn't put it so lightly," said Bear firmly, "but fair enough." "Hmm... Maybe... Sorry then, Duck," apologised Gordon. "We shouldn't have made all those duck jokes, even if they were pretty funny," continued James. "Ha ha, I've still got it!" Duck laughed. Everyone laughed into the night, as friendships were mended, heroism was rewarded, and the moon shone.



  • The Little Western
  • The Lighthouse
  • Tidmouth Hault
  • Knapford
  • Tidmouth Sheds
  • Arlesburgh Junction
  • Haultraugh
  • Bluff's Cove
  • Tidmouth (mentioned)
  • Arlesburgh Harbour (mentioned)


  • Despite Dilly being in the title, she does very little in the episode.
  • This episode marks Neville's first appearance.
  • This episode marks Jock's first speaking role.

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