"I'm supposed to be The Pride of the Cement Works! Not 'The Pride of Electronics'!"
— Fergus

Fergus and the Electric Engines
Season 2, Episode 6
Air date April 7th, 2014
Written by DonaldDouglasandOliver11
Directed by DonaldDouglasandOliver11
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Fergus and the Electric Engines is the sixth episode of the second season.


Fergus is a railway traction engine who works at the Cement Works. Ever since he was used as a generator for the lighthouse during a storm, the idea of Fergus' flywheel being used as a temporary generator caught on. When Fergus wasn't working at the Cement Works, he was being used as a generator. "Perfect, Fergus! Now, turn the flywheel!" said a workman. He got tired of it pretty quickly though.

One morning, Fergus puffed into the docks with a train from the Cement Works, he was looking very down "Argh you look stressed matey." said Salty "What's wrong?" "I'm just so sick of being a generator. Why can't they just build their own generators?" Fergus, "I'm supposed to be The Pride of the Cement Works! Not 'The Pride of Electronics'!" "Oh don't worry matey. I'm sure you'll set sail again soon." "Besides," added Porter "At least you're being useful for the Fat Controller. Isn't that what you want to do?" "Well, yes, but I want being a locomotive as a priority." replied Fergus, "I want to do it right and be a Really Useful Engine, not a Useful Generator. What good is a generator anyway?" "Well, they help make electricity," said Porter, "And that's important." "...pfft..." Bill and Ben arrived with a train of china clay, and overheard Fergus' latest statement, remembering how he bossed them about. As they came to a halt alongside Fergus, they quickly became annoyed. "Yes Fergus, we know. 'Do it right.'" huffed Bill. "From morning until night!" snorted Ben, "You're so predictable." Fergus sighed sadly just as Winston raced up with the Fat Controller. "Well, for once you did a semi-decent stop, sir... finally. I guess throwing away your muffins was a good idea." mumbled Winston. "Winston, have some dignity," said the Fat Controller angrily, "You're my inspection car." Winston gulped. "Y-yes sir..." The Fat Controller cleared his throat, and then looked to Fergus. "Fergus, there's an urgent emergency. The power plant on the Peel Godred Branch's generator is broken. That means no electricity for the Peel Godred engines until something changes. So I'm sending you so your flywheel can power the plant until a new one is sent." Fergus' face fell. "Are you serious, sir...?" "Yes, Fergus. This is a serious matter. But don't worry. Geoffrey and Derek will be looking after your Cement Works." Fergus sighed. "That is worrying... But I can't argue with the controller..." he thought and he puffed away, feeling a bit upset; he had to be a generator once again. Salty frowned as he looked at the distraught Fergus. "Er, sir, Fergus was wondering..." Salty began, but the Fat Controller was already driving away in Winston. "It's a wonder he hasn't had an accident," snickered Ben.

Fergus was puffing towards the Peel Godred line. On the way, he saw Arthur at the Fishing Village "What's wrong?" asked Arthur "It's just... I have to be a generator on the Peel Godred line." he complained "And I'm supposed to be a railway traction engine. Not a generator on wheels!" he complained "Don't worry." said Arthur "I'm sure you'll be fine." "I hope so." said Fergus worriedly and puffed away. Arthur felt sorry for Fergus "Poor old Fergus." he puffed sadly.

Fergus arrived at the Peel Godred line. He still looked very down "Well, here we are." he said unhappily. Then a voice came over from the distance "I suppose you're are new generator." said the voice "Maybe." said Fergus worriedly. The electric engine rolled towards him "There's no need to be scared." he said "My name's Jeff and you're...?" "I'm Fergus, a railway traction engine. I am 'The Pride of the Cement Works' he said "OK then. Let's get to work." said Jeff and he rolled away and Fergus followed him. They arrived at the yard "OK then Fergus, now I have to shunt a passenger train for Angus." said Jeff "Who's Angus?" asked Fergus "He's a yellow electric engine who pulls either passenger trains or freight trains." explained Jeff "Now why'll I shunt these coaces. You can go to the generator." he said "I'll stay here and watch you shunt first." said Fergus "Alright then." and Jeff got to work. Jeff had shunted the train for Angus who had just arrived to collect it." "Thanks for shunting my passenger train." said Angus "Oh and who's this little engine?" he asked "That is Fergus." said Jeff "Is he our new generator?" asked Angus "Indeed he is." said Jeff. Angus rolled away with his train "OK Fergus. Do you know the way to the generator?" "No I don't." said the traction engine worriedly. "Well, the orange electric engine over there will lead you to it." said Jeff "OK." said Fergus and he chuffed towards the orange electric engine, the orange engine glared at him rudely "What ya looking at?!" he asked rudely "N-Nothing!" said Fergus "OK shortie. You're goin' to the generator. By the way, you should be scrapped." he said "Me. Why never." said Fergus "Just be quiet and let's go!" he said "What a rude electric engine." said Fergus "And definitely the cruelest." he added "Hey! Are you comin' or what?" shouted the electric engine "Coming!" called Fergus as he followed the engine.

They arrived at the generator "Alright here we are. Now get in there!" he said "I don't know if I want to do-" "Oh. Get in that generator now you shrimp!" shouted the electric engine "Fergus shivered and went into the generator. "I'm not sure if I can do this." he said. The electric engine snickered "See ya generator!" he said and he rolled away. Fergus' flywheel was attached to the generator and Fergus got to work. He worked all day and all night.

The next morning, Fergus was very exhausted. He hadn't got any sleep all night "(yawn) Can we please to go to the shed so I can get some (yawn) sleep?" yawned Fergus "Sorry Fergus. But we'll have to wait until the Fat Controller sends us back to the Cement Works." said his driver. Fergus worked hard still and sometime later, Fergus' driver's cell phone rang "Hello, who is this?" asked the driver "It's me Sid." said a familiar voice on the phone. It was the Fat Controller, "Fergus can go back to the Cement Works now." he said "Great." said Fergus' driver and he turned off the phone "Who was that?" asked Fergus "It was the Fat Controller. He said we can go back to the cement works." said the driver. Fergus was delighted "Yes." he said. But just then, Fergus saw the orange electric engine from earlier, the one who led Fergus to the generator." "Oh it's you." he snarled "Where are you goin'?!" "Back to the Cement Works." said Fergus "Ah... You ain't goin' anywhere shortie." "W-What are you going on about?" asked Fergus "You're not leavin' this branch line. You'll be stayin' 'ere. Forever!" and the electric engine rolled towards Fergus and was about to push the traction engine into the back of the generator. "Oh dear shortie. It looks like you ain't goin' back to your Cement Works whatever they call it." "Please let me go? And I mean... PLEASE?!" "Hahaha!", however Angus was taking a goods train to Killdane when he saw what was going on. "Oh no." he said "I must stop him." "OK then. I'm pushin' you into the generator." "HELP!" cried Fergus, and just then a coupling sound was heard. It was Angus, he came to stop the electric engine from bullying Fergus "Leave him alone you big bully." he said "Oh dear yellowy. Ya can't stop me!" "Yes *pant* I can *pant*" panted Angus, then Angus merged the electric engine back. "Quickly, switch the points!" called Fergus. The signalman switched the points "Huh!" gasped the orange engine "Go Fergus, Go!" called Angus "Right." said Fergus "Bye big bully." said Fergus. Suddenly, the coupling snapped and the electric engine ran into the generator "Ow! Help! Get it off me!" he cried. But nobody heard him "OK Fergus, you can go." "Thanks Angus." said Fergus "Bye!" called Angus "Bye!" called Fergus back. Then Fergus puffed up to Jeff who was at the shunting yard "I'm leaving the Peel Godred Line." he said to Jeff "Goodbye Fergus." said Jeff "See you around." "I will." said Fergus and he puffed away. On the way, Fergus asked his driver if he could have a word with the Fat Controller, so the driver called the Fat Controller.

When Fergus returned to the Cement Works. Geoffrey, Derek and the Fat Controller were there "How was your time at the Cement Works Fergus?" asked Geoffrey "Well? It was good." "I'm glad you enjoyed it." said Derek. Then the Fat Controller spoke to Fergus "Fergus, your driver told me that could you stop being generators." he said "And from now on. You won't be generators anymore. You're my railway traction engine, and you're 'The Pride of the Cement Works'." said the Fat Controller. Fergus was delighted "Oh thank you sir." he said.

From now on, Fergus was never a generator ever again and was still 'The Pride of the Cement Works'.



  • The Cement Works
  • Brendam Docks
  • Sodor Shipping Company
  • Three Tier Bridge
  • The Fishing Village
  • The Peel Godred Branch Line
  • Killdane (mentioned)


  • The episode's plot is similar to The Great Race as Bob tries to push Fergus into the generator and Vinnie tries to push Philip into a turntable well in the aforementioned movie. In the movie. Vinnie is stopped by Thomas and Ashima and Bob is stopped by Angus and Vinnie runs into a pylon and Bob runs into the generator.
  • References to the seventh season episodes Bill, Ben and Fergus and Salty's Stormy Tale are made.
  • This episode marks Whiff and Hank's first appearances.
  • This episode marks the first and only appearances of the electric engines to date (excluding Jeff and Angus, who will appear in future episodes/movies).

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