This list is for human characters who make minor appearances in Thomas' Sodor Adventures.

The Thin Clergyman


The Reverend Wilbert Vere Awdry OBE (15th June, 1911 - 21st March, 1997) was an Anglican minister who created Thomas the Tank Engine and other engines who first appeared in a series of children's books called the Railway Series. These stories were used as the basis for the first four seasons of Britt Allcroft's television series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. Although he liked seasons one and two, he did not like some of the adaptations from seasons three and four, especially Henry's Forest and Rusty to the Rescue due to their lack of realism. Better known as the "Reverend W. Awdry", he was a clergyman, keen railway enthusiast and children's author.

In the television series, he makes two cameos in Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure in the form of the Thin Clergyman. He first appears on a bicycle riding past Oliver as the excavator is making his way towards The Construction Yard. He later appears at the opening ceremony of the new branch line. He also cameos in The Great Race, speaking to Mr. Percival at Vicarstown when Thomas first meets the Flying Scotsman. He also appears at the Great Railway Show, sitting in the bleachers beside Mr. Percival.

In Thomas' Sodor Adventures, he makes a few cameos in first, second, fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons and in the specials Thomas and the Storm, Gordon and Spencer: An LNER Rivalry and The Big Race.



The Storyteller


The Storyteller was asked to open a new library, but first Thomas had to show her a special part of the line to give her inspiration for a story. Thomas, however, was delayed helping James, Emily and Percy, but luckily The Storyteller knew what to do: she made a story about Thomas. She appears to be good friends with Lady Hatt.



Farmer Trotter


Farmer Trotter is the owner and operator of a pig farm. He also keeps bee hives and has been known to herd sheep. According to a magazine article, he also keeps cows and chickens and grows carrots and potatoes. Jem Cole, Terence, and Trevor sometimes work on his farm.


Farmer Trotter is good friends with Farmer McColl and Jem Cole. He presumably worked on several other farms before he got his own farm, including Farmer McColl's and another along the Skarloey Railway. He was part of the team that found Duke and has also driven Trevor on occasion.

Farmer Trotter also has his own field which does not appear to be located near his pig farm. The field is occupied by cows which presumably belong to him.




Nancy Rushen is a guard's daughter who lived near the Skarloey Railway and occasionally polished the engines. On one occasion she was polishing Skarloey for Rheneas' return and Duncan became extremely jealous after she had no time to clean him, as she was scheduled to help the Refreshment Lady. She later appeared in Very Old Engines polishing Skarloey for his centenary. After he became cross and she called him a "crosspatch", Skarloey told her the story of his first days on the railway and the time he really was a crosspatch.



The Railway Board


These are a group of men who help run the North Western Railway and make decisions about which engines to keep. For some reason, they prefer to ride in Bertie. They also look very much alike.


Cyril the Fogman


Cyril the Fogman is a fogman who lives in a small old cottage in Misty Valley. Aside from being a fogman, he has also been shown to be a lighthouse keeper and farmhand.


When there is fog about, Cyril puts detonators on the tracks to warn the engines. One time, he was replaced by a foghorn, but saved the day when the foghorn caused a landslide with its vibrations, which crushed the foghorn, and made Thomas crash. Cyril was soon given the job back and has proven to be useful. In the tenth season, he can be seen working with Farmer McColl on McColl Farm. In the eleventh season, he was a lighthouse keeper.



Sodor Brass Band


The Sodor Brass Band is a group of musicians who originally came from the Mainland. They play music at special events and locations.



The Dock Manager


The Dock Manager was in charge of Brendam Docks, one of the busiest dockyards on Sodor.



The Captain


The Captain was in charge of a big ship that was heading for Sodor. During the ship's voyage, a distant lighthouse lost power. Thanks to the quick-thinking of Salty, Fergus was attached to the Lighthouse's generator, thus keeping the captain and his ship safe. The next morning, he thanked Salty and Fergus for their hard work.


The Fisherman


The fisherman goes out to sea to catch fish near the Fishing Village, though he can be seen working at other places.


The Tailor


After the Fat Controller received a kilt as a present from Lord Callan, he had it measured for him by the tailor.


Lord Callan


The Scottish-born Lord Callan is the lord of Callan Castle and the surrounding land, including the famous Castle Loch. In the magazine story Strange Sounds, it is revealed that he has a dog named Dougal.


Dusty Miller


Dusty Miller has his own windmill for making flour on Toby's Branch Line. He is a good friend of Toby and Lady Hatt. He sometimes helps out at the Hillside Mill near the Skarloey Railway.

When his windmill was struck by lightning, Toby wanted to help. That chance came sooner than expected when Toby came across a tree and asked if he could use it to rebuild the mill. When the windmill was rebuilt, the miller named it Toby's Windmill in thanks.

Thomas once mistook him for the Man in the Hills because he was covered in so much flour.



The Great Railway Show Judge


The Great Railway Show Judge is a man who lives on Sodor. When the Great Railway Show was held on the Mainland, he travelled there to judge the Shunting Race (possibly the other races/competitions). He and the other judges decided that Thomas and Ashima should both win the shunting competition.




  • Despite appearing since the sixteenth season, the Judge did not get a speaking role until The Great Race.
  • The Grumpy Passenger is a modified version of the Judge.

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