Molly's Coal Delivery
Season 2, Episode 12
Air date May 20th, 2014
Written by DonaldDouglasandOliver11
Directed by DonaldDouglasandOliver11
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Molly's Coal Delivery is the twelfth episode of the second season.


Molly is a shy tender engine who usually works at the coaling plant, delivering coal to all the engines on the island. She usually doesn't mind the work, unless somebody teases her for it. "Have you been working at the Coaling Plant again? Well, that explains why you aren't important!" Diesel sneered as he past Molly. Molly's eyes welt with tears. The engine that most often teases Molly is Daisy the Diesel Railcar. As Molly was delivering coal along the Ffarquhar Branch, Daisy pulled up beside her. "Well, well, well! Look who isn't pulling passengers!" she teased. Molly frowned. "What does that matter?" "Because you have so much more potential than someone like Emily," Daisy replied with a smirk. "I pull passengers too!" pouted Molly. "Not nearly as often as I do," said Daisy. Molly sighed sadly.

One day, Molly was puffing into Knapford for a drink. She scanned the platforms quickly, to make sure that Daisy wasn't there. Unfortunately, she was. The rail-car looked at Molly and smiled in a mocking way. "You know Molly, you could do so much better jobs like pulling passengers. But apparently the Fat Controller doesn't like you enough to give you the privilege..." Molly winced; she had heard this speech many times before, but it still hurt. "It's a shame, too," Daisy continued, "Since you're smarter than most females here. Like Emily, who's a goody-goody two shoes. She never gets in trouble. Then there's Belle, who has these bizarre water cannons... However, you have potential, dear. You can be brilliant, if you weren't pulling those rocks." Molly was ashamed; she suddenly felt unimportant with her role on the railway. "Why do I always have to take coal?" she wailed, "I suppose you're right, Daisy..." Daisy smirked. "I knew you'd come around." Just then, Emily puffed in with her passengers, and had overheard Daisy. "Daisy, what did you do this time?" "I was just telling Molly about her potential," Daisy said politely. Emily scowled. "I know what you really did! You just hurt her feelings!" Molly looked up and Emily smiled at her. "Perk up Molly! Taking coal's important; without it, we wouldn't be running right now!" Molly was about to smile back, but Daisy spoke before she could. "Not for her! Why can't you do it?" snapped Daisy, "Molly's got more important things to do than carrying coal around all day." Emily was cross; now Daisy was bringing her into the argument. "Daisy, I wanted to stay out of-" "Emily, you started this to begin with," Daisy scowled, "Just take coal for once!" "I would if I could," Emily said, "but I have passengers to take myself." "Why can't you trade then?" snapped Daisy. Emily was growing impatient. "I'd need the approval of the Fat Controller, and I'm sure he wouldn't approve. It's none of your business as to what Molly or I do. We have our jobs, you have yours. Whether you approve of them or not is irrelevant." Daisy was furious as she trundled away. Emily looked at Molly again. "Are you feeling better, Molly?" "I... guess..." the female engine stuttered. "Look, Molly, you're going to have to learn to stand up to yourself to engines like Daisy. I'm not always going to be around to help you out." Molly sighed sadly. "I know... It's just I'm sensitive... I guess it's petty, right?" "No, it's not! It's just... you're going to have to take care of yourself." Molly was still unhappy as Emily puffed out of the station, winking at her friend. "See you Molly!" she said as she steamed into the distance. Her driver walked up with his lunch. He peeked into his bag, licking his lips as he saw the lunch his wife had packed for him. "Grilled cheese... yummy. And there's cake..." "Um, sir?" Molly asked. The driver looked up and blushed. "Oh, right." He tucked his lunch into his pocket and climbed aboard his engine. "I came to tell that we have an important job." "What important job?" Molly inquired. "The Fat Controller said that there is an important shipment of coal that needs taking to all the stations on the Peel Godred line." explained her driver. Molly smiled slightly, she liked doing important jobs, especially if it was a job that involved coal. "Yes driver." said Molly "But the job isn't until tonight, so I say you should get some sleep now so you're not tired in the morning. "Okay driver!" said Molly and she chuffed away.

When night fell, Molly was at Knapford Sheds, her driver arrived and woke her up. "Okay Molly!" he said "It's time for us to set out and do our coal delivery." Molly's wheels rattled with excitement "Yes sir!" she said and she chuffed out of the sheds into the darkness.

Soon, she arrived at the Coaling Plant. Dennis came in and shunted her trucks. "Thanks Dennis." chuffed Molly happily. "Whatever..." scoffed Dennis as he rolled away. Hector looked over from a nearby siding. "Hello Molly. Where are you going?" "To take this train of coal to all the stations on the Peel Godred Branch Line," replied Molly. "My driver says that this an important job." she said "It is indeed." said Hector. But then Molly frowned a little. "What's up Molly?" asked Hector who raised his eyebrow. "It's Daisy." she said "She's been saying that the Fat Controller doesn't like me enough to give me the privilege." "Don't listen to her." said Hector "You can show that Diesel railcar that you're really useful by taking your train of coal to all the stations on the Peel Godred Line." said Hector. Molly thought of this. "Thanks Hector, that is good advice. I can show that Diesel railcar that I can do anything." said Molly as he chuffed away to do her important job.

Molly was puffing happily through the countryside "This is definitely a special job." she chuffed to herself, and she started to speed up "Woah! Steady girl!" called her driver. "Oh... Sorry!" said Molly as she continued puffing along. The first station Molly arrived to was Peel Godred "Right on time!" chuffed Molly to herself. The coal was soon unloaded and Molly chuffed away.

Molly was now enjoying herself "This job is fun." she said. "But there's still a few more coal supplies that need bringing to other stations yet." said her driver. "Yes, I know." said Molly. They arrived at Abbey station and the coal was quickly unloaded. Then she puffed away. Molly chuffed into the dark night, she raced past BoCo, BoCo was surprised "Woah!" said the BR Class 28 "Be careful Molly!" "I will!" Molly called. But she was far too excited and she wasn't being careful. Then there was trouble, a fallen telegraph pole had fallen onto the track, Molly's driver applied the brakes, but it was too late, she crashed right into the telegraph pole. "Oh no!" sighed Molly, coal had went all over the tracks. Molly was sad.

It wasn't long before rescue arrived, BoCo had bought the breakdown train and Molly was soon re-railed again. "Thank goodness I'm back on the track." said Molly with a sigh of relief. "You should had been careful." said BoCo "Like I told you to." "I know I should had been." said Molly "I was just far to excited for this job, then I could show Daisy how useful I can be." BoCo cocked an eyebrow. "Really? What has Daisy been saying to you recently?" asked the BR Class 28 "Well..." began Molly "She said I don't have enough potential than Emily and then she started teasing me because I don't pull passengers." she explained. BoCo felt sorry for Molly. He sighed "Molly, don't listen to Daisy, she just says these things because she's trying to prove that she's the best engine at pulling passengers while really any engine is good at pulling passengers." "Really?" asked Molly curiously. "Of course!" said BoCo. Molly felt much better after that, then she went back on her way again.

By the time Molly had finally finished her work. The sun was rising. She puffed into Knapford and saw the Fat Controller on the platform, he didn't look very happy. "Molly, you're very late." he scolded. Molly blushed and looked down at her buffers "I'm sorry sir." she said sadly. "I was just to excited to do this job." she said "Well I know you like doing coal jobs Molly and you can get excited, but not far to excited." said the Fat Controller. "Yes sir!" sighed Molly. Molly felt terrible "Daisy kept saying that I haven't got much potential and that you don't like me enough to give me the privilege." The Fat Controller froze. "What! Really? Did Daisy say that?" "Yes sir! She did, she really did." "Well then..." said the Fat Controller "I'm going to have a word with Daisy and he drove away.

Meanwhile, Daisy was just waking up from her shed just as the Fat Controller crossly walked up to her. "Daisy, I've heard that you have been rude to Molly yesterday. Saying she hasn't got much potential in here and I don't like her enough to give her the privilege! That is rude manners. Very rude manners!" the controller scolded. Daisy was sad, she felt bad about herself. "Also, as a punishment. Tomorrow, you can do all of Molly's jobs while she does yours." Daisy gasped in horror. "B-B-B-But sir, I can't, it's bad for my swerves!" "Well, you should had thought of that earlier." said the Fat Controller sternly and he walked away. Daisy sighed sadly.

Later, she arrived at the yard beside Knapford station to deliver Molly's train of trucks. She scoffed silently "Silly Fat Controller." she said "Making me do all the dirty work. He doesn't seem to care if it'll damage my springs..." Just then, Molly chuffed in to collect some coaches. Daisy scoffed rudely "Huh! You again. Are you still feeling sad because the Fat Controller doesn't give you the privilege?" Molly was stern. "No! Not this time. I don't mind what I pull as that makes me a really useful engine." Molly chuffed. "Ahem!" yelled a voice in the distance. Daisy looked at the station and saw the Fat Controller standing on the platform. He was still cross with Daisy. "Daisy! I thought you would stop teasing Molly and yet you're still being rude to her. I want you to give her an apology this instance." Daisy blushed and looked at Molly "I'm sorry for teasing you yesterday." she said "Oh, that's okay." said Molly "At least I'm glad I'm still a really useful engine." "Yes of course you are." said Daisy. The Fat Controller was impressed with his engines, he walked out of the yard and back onto the platform of the station. Molly found some coaches and coupled up to them. "Right!" she said "Off we go then." and Molly puffed out of the yard. Daisy watched as Molly puffed into the distance. She smiled at her friend, but she was still feeling a little bad about what she did the previous day. But she was also happy to be a really useful engine too.



  • The Coaling Plant
  • Knapford
  • Knapford Station Yard
  • Knapford Sheds
  • Peel Godred
  • Abbey


  • This episode marks Dennis, Stafford and Hector's first appearances, this is also Hector's only appearance in the second season.

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