"Hooray for Stanley!"
— The schoolchildren

Stanley to the Rescue
Season 2, Episode 9
Air date April 10th, 2014
Written by DonaldDouglasandOliver11
Directed by DonaldDouglasandOliver11
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Stanley to the Rescue is the ninth episode of the first season.


It was a sunny morning on the Island of Sodor, Stanley was waking up to bright sunshine coming through the doorway in his shed, Stanley opened his eyes to find his crew, ready to go "Ready for a hard day's work?" asked his driver confidently, Stanley was confused. "Hard? All I do is organise the yard and take passengers from the forest around the town to East Great Waterton at the edge of town." The driver smiled, remembering when the construction of East Great Waterton took place. "Okay Stanley." said his driver "We are taking passengers to see Great Waterton." he said "Okay!" said Stanley, and he chuffed away to collect his coaches.

Stanley puffed into the big station, and right away he sniffed something "Ugh! What's that smell?!" he groaned. "Uh... that's me." said a voice nervously. Stanley looked over to see Whiff taking rubbish to the dump, and he looked a little embarrassed. "Oh..." Stanley said quietly. "Hello!" Whiff whistled, "I can tell we've gotten a lot of waste recently! Construction waste, the town's waste... So much scrunching to do!" "Hi, Whiff." Stanley puffed, nearly gagging. "Nice to see you've noticed me." said Whiff cheerily, "I have a lot to do. I have to take this to the dump, then get some scrap from Crocks Scrap Yard! See you later!" and Whiff left. Stanley was relieved as the smell drifted away. "I'm glad he's gone." he whispered to himself, the guard blew his whistle and Stanley chuffed away.

But by that night, the weather turned for the worst. As Stanley looked out of his shed, he gasped. "Oh my!" Dark clouds filled the sky and rain soaked the ground. The soil became very muddy. By the time morning came, he was still very drowsy; Stanley couldn't sleep the night before, for thunder sounded and it kept him from drifting off. "Ugh, already?" he yawned as the crew, in coats, arrived. "Yes Stanley. Come along, we've got to take another passenger train." said his driver "We need to deliver passengers and take them to Molly." and Stanley chuffed away to collect their coaches.

They arrived at the yard and Stanley was hooked up to his coaches, then he set off. Stanley was puffing toward the station "Whiff is the smelliest engine I've ever seen." he puffed to himself. But then there was trouble. At the crossing, there was a school bus stuck in a flood, Stanley's driver applied the brakes. Luckily, he stopped right in front of the flood "Phew, that was close." said Stanley, but when he looked inside the bus, he could see schoolchildren, they looked very worried that they wouldn't be able to go on their school trip in the mountains, Stanley wanted to help "What could I do to help?" he thought "I know... Why don't we call Harvey?" so his driver called Harvey's driver. "Hello Alfred, can we please use Harvey, a school bus is stuck in a flood." "Oh. Anyways Bye." "So is he coming to save the bus?" asked Stanley "I'm afraid not." said Stanley's driver "Harvey is on the other side of the Island and it'll take him ages to get here." "OK." said Stanley. Just then he sniffed the same smell from the previous day "It's that smell again." he groaned "It's Whiff. Isn't it." and he was right, Whiff and Scruff puffed up to the level crossing. "Hello Stanley." said Whiff, Stanley was not glad to see Whiff "Uh! Hi!" puffed Stanley "Is there a school bus stuck in that flood?" asked Whiff "Yes." said Stanley "What can we do to free the bus though?" asked Whiff "Why don't we push it out." said Scruff "I don't think that'll be a good idea." said Stanley. Suddenly, his driver had an idea "I know." he said "We'll get some string and attach it to the bus' bumper, and then we can pull the bus out." he said, the school bus driver thought that this was a great idea. Soon, Stanley was uncoupled from his coaches, and a string was attached to the bus and then wheel turn by wheel turn, Stanley puffed and chuffed with all his might, the bus started to move "Come on Stanley. We need to pull harder." said his driver "Or these children will be trapped in this flood until it starts getting sunny again." he said. So Stanley puffed with all his might. "Go on Stanley, you can do it." cheered Whiff "Pull harder!" said Scruff, and Stanley started to pull even more harder, the children were worried, Stanley chuffed and puffed. Finally, the school bus was out of the flood, the children cheered for Stanley "Hooray for Stanley!" they cheered, Stanley was happy to help. Then the Fat Controller drove up in Winston "Sir, can you stop driving so dangerously!" complained Winston "Early days Winston!" muttered the Fat Controller and then he looked at Stanley "Stanley, I am very proud of you. You saved the children and their school bus from being stuck in that flood." said the Fat Controller, Stanley was pleased "Thank you sir." he said "Now then Stanley, you're already half an hour late for Molly's train, so I'd say that you should pump your pistons and start moving." said the Fat Controller "OK." said Stanley and he puffed quickly away. "Same for you too Whiff and Scruff." said the controller "Right away sir." said Whiff "Let's get scrunching!" added Scruff as the two engines chuffed away. Stanley arrived at the big station, and the passengers climbed into Molly's coaches and then the guard blew his whistle and Molly set off.

That night, Stanley backed into his shed, feeling very happy that he had saved the children. "I'm glad that the children are safe and sound." he said to himself "I am too." said his driver, Stanley was very happy to be a really useful engine.



  • Stanley's Shed
  • Great Waterton
  • Knapford
  • Whiff's Waste Dump (mentioned)
  • Crocks Scrap Yard (mentioned)


  • This episode marks Scruff, Flora and the Schoolchildren's first appearances.

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