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The Thomas' Sodor Adventures Series started to air in January 2014, it has gone through eight seasons so far, it is unknown when the series will end.

First Season

The first season is the first season of Thomas' Sodor Adventures, it introduced many characters such as the Steam Team, the Skarloey Railway and many more. It began airing in January 2014 in the UK.

Characters introduced:

  • Thomas, a cheeky tank engine
  • Edward, an old and wise tender engine
  • Henry, a kind, but sometimes vain, green tender engine
  • Gordon, a big, blue express engine
  • James, a proud, red mixed-traffic tender engine
  • Percy, a small, energetic, saddle tank engine
  • Toby, an old and wise steam tram
  • Duck, a Great Western pannier tank engine
  • Donald and Douglas, twin Scottish mixed-traffic engines
  • Oliver, a Great Western auto tank engine
  • Bill and Ben, tank engine twins, who work at the Sodor China Clay Company
  • Stepney, an enthusiastic tank engine from the Bluebell Railway
  • Harvey, a crane engine
  • Emily, a large emerald, Stirling Single tender engine
  • Fergus, a railway traction engine, who always tries to follow the rules
  • Arthur, a big tank engine, who holds a spotless record
  • Murdoch, a large tender engine who pulls very heavy goods trains
  • Spencer, a large streamlined tender engine from the Mainland, who is privately owned by the Duke and Duchess of Boxford
  • Rosie, a pink tank engine
  • Stanley, a strong, silver tank engine
  • Hiro, an old Japanese engine, whom Thomas helped restore.
  • Porter, a confident dockyard shunter
  • Diesel, a devious Class 08 shunting diesel
  • Daisy, a highly strung, diesel railcar
  • BoCo, a big, green, mixed-traffic diesel engine
  • Mavis, a diesel quarry shunter
  • Dave, a big, blue, mixed-traffic diesel engine
  • Derek, a diesel who works at the clay pits
  • 'Arry and Bert, two diesel engines who work at the scrapyards
  • Salty, a fun and sea-loving, dockside diesel shunter
  • Sidney, a forgetful and absent minded Class 08 shunter
  • Paxton, a gullible Class 08 shunter who likes steam engines
  • Skarloey, an old and wise, narrow gauge engine
  • Rheneas, a gallant old narrow gauge engine
  • Sir Handel, a proud but sometimes cross narrow gauge engine
  • Peter Sam, a kind and excitable narrow gauge engine
  • Rusty, a kind and helpful, little orange narrow gauge diesel
  • Duncan, a boisterous, narrow gauge tank engine, who sometimes complains
  • Duke, an old and wise, narrow gauge engine
  • Bertram, known as the Old Warrior because he is very brave
  • Bert, a blue tender engine working on the miniature railway
  • Rex, a green tender engine working on the miniature railway
  • Mike, a red tender engine working on the miniature railway
  • Jock, a yellow tender engine working on the miniature railway