"Paxton's just very gullible, that's all. He's a goods sort in reality."
— Bear

Trust a Diesel
Season 1, Episode 22
Air date February 11th, 2014
Written by DonaldDouglasandOliver11
Directed by DonaldDouglasandOliver11
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Gordon and Spencer the Fast Engines

Trust a Diesel is the twenty-second episode of the first season.


James the Red Engine always disliked diesels. The only ones he trusted were Mavis, BoCo, Bear, Sidney and Salty. And even then he can get grumpy with them. "Hurry up, Sidney!" James snorted "I'm going to be late.". Sidney panted as he shunted James' coaches behind him. "Sorry..." he said "But I forgot where your coaches were... Not to mention all the trucks in the yard lately." "Pah!" All other diesels he treated with suspicion, and that included Paxton. Paxton is very friendly to everybody, but James still disliked him greatly.

One morning, James was at the washdown at the sheds, "Stupid Paxton!" he said to himself. "Why does everyone like him? They should know he's pretending to be nice!" "Huh!" snorted Gordon "Diesels are always trouble, Paxton is quite nice, but he can be gullible." said Gordon "Paxton's just pretending to be nice." said James, "He stole our Christmas decorations." "Hurry up James!" huffed Gordon "I need to be washed because I'm taking the Express this afternoon." "Pah!" Finally James was cleaned and he puffed away.

Donald and Douglas were taking on water at Tidmouth while Bear was resting on a siding on the other side. Just then, James puffed in, looking agitated. "Here we go." chuckled Bear. James seethed angrily as he looked over; Paxton was arriving at the station to collect some supplies for the Blue Mountain Quarry. "Hello James!" honked Paxton, but James looked away. Paxton frowned, but continued on. Bear cocked an eyebrow "What was all that about, James?" "It's that Paxton, Paxton's friends with cruel engines like Diesel 10! He helped steal our Christmas decorations!" huffed James. "Calm down, James." said Bear, "Paxton's just very gullible, that's all. He's a good sort in reality." "Och, the lad's richt. Would ya want yon Paxton to tell ye aboot yer earlier days??" asked Douglas "Pooh!" snorted James and puffed away. "What in the world was that aboot?" asked Douglas. "He's just upset, that's all." said Donald. "I don't know, he seems like he doesn't like that little diesel." replied Bear and he huffed away to collect a stopping train.

Later, James was puffing on his way to the docks to collect some fruit vans for market "I'll get that diesel when I see him again!" he snorted as he puffed on. James puffed snootily into the docks, "Good! I'm glad Paxton isn't here." said the red engine. But there was trouble ahead, a line of stone trucks were in his way, Paxton was coming soon to take them to the quarry. "I'll show that diesel what a really splendid engine could do." he said "And then that'll teach him a-" "Woah!", he crashed into the trucks, stones hit James, and his paintwork was scratched. "Ow!" Porter rolled up alongside "Oh my James." he said "Are you alright?" "Do I look okay?" asked James sulkily "Well, not really." said Porter. Just then, Murdoch had just taken a goods train to the Other Railway and seen the disaster "What happened here?" he asked "These trucks were in the way." he explained. "The trucks were meant for Paxton." said Porter "Huh! That silly diesel." scoffed James. Porter looked confused "But what's up with Paxton, James?" he asked "He's a nice diesel." "No he isn't!" said James "He helped the diesels steal our Christmas decorations last year." he complained "But Paxton would never do that." said Porter "I know..." said James "But he did!" he snapped. Murdoch had heard the conversation "Paxton can be gullible, but he's still a really useful diesel." he said. James didn't say anything at all, he didn't know what to say. "Anyway, don't worry." said Murdoch "I'll get Rocky." "Thanks Murdoch." said James and Murdoch puffed away to get Rocky.

Soon, Murdoch arrived with Rocky and James was put back on the tracks "Oh dear, James!" said Rocky "Look at you, you look awful." "I am indeed Rocky." sighed James. "My paintwork is scratched severely." he said "I can see that." said Rocky "Anyways, don't worry, I'll get you back on the tracks in no tim." Rocky lifted James back onto the track "Thank you Rocky." said James "Happy to help!" said Rocky. James was ready to go on his way, but his fire had gone out and there wasn't enough steam. Murdoch had already left with Rocky. "Oh... Somebody come." he said sadly. Just then, Paxton backed in to bring his stone to the quarry. "Oh, hello James." he said "You look like you need repairing." "Uh, yes please." he said "I'll take you to the Steamworks." "Thank you." said James. James was coupled up to the brakevan behind Paxton's train and Paxton set off towards the Steamworks. He brought him to the Steamworks and then set off to the quarry.

Later, after delivering his stone. The Fat Controller let Paxton visit James at the Steamworks. "Hello, my friend." said Victor "What are you doing here?" asked the Cuban narrow gauge engine. "We don't usually fix diesels." "I came to see how James was getting on Victor." explained Paxton "James is getting on alright, Paxton." said Victor "Don't worry, he'll be back on the tracks in no time, my friend." said Victor. So Paxton went over to James to see how he was getting on. James looked at Paxton and sighed "I'm sorry that I was mean to you." said James "That's alright." said Paxton "I now know that you're a diesel I can trust." said James, "Happy to hear." said Paxton and the two engines become firm friends.



  • The Windmill
  • Knapford Yards
  • Tidmouth Sheds
  • Tidmouth
  • Brendam Docks
  • Sodor Steamworks
  • Blue Mountain Quarry (mentioned)

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  • References to the seventeenth season episode The Missing Christmas Decorations are made.
  • This episode marks Rocky's first appearance, as well as his only appearance in the first season.

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